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I strongly believe in the mediation process. I take mediation process very seriously with the highest integrity, solid values and direction to show more


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Closed All Day


Closed All Day

I strongly believe in the mediation process. I take mediation process very seriously with the highest integrity, solid values and direction to protect the spirit of mediation.

Education & Training

Glendale Community College

University of La Verne BA & MBA

University of West Los Angeles (UWLA) J.D.

Pepperdine University, Strauss Institute Mediation Training

Los Angeles County Bar Association Mediation Training – general training

Southern California Mediation Association Mediation Training – specialty trainings

Mediation Training in different specialty areas of law in course of one year


The State Bar of California

The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)

Area of Practice

• Personal Injury:
Automobile, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Dog Bite, Medical and Dental Malpractice.

• Family Law:
RFO for Spousal Support, Division of Retirement Benefits through Qualified Domestic Relation Order (QDRO) such as Retirement Benefits for employees of CALTECH, Division of real property, Division of Business and other assets.

• Family Mediation:
Family business, Disputes among siblings and other family unites.

• Fraud/Misrepresentation:
Real Estate Fraud, Investment Misrepresentation

• Contract Law:
Drafting Operating Agreement, Amendment and Interpretation.

• Contract Mediation:
Dispute among business partners and other contractual disputes.

• Employment Law:
Employment Agreement, Wage & Hour disputes, workplace issue.

• Employment Mediation:
Employment Agreement, all work related issues, wage & hour.

• Wills & Trusts:
Simple Living Trust & Will for single person or married couple with   estate value under five million.

• Social Security Disability:
Social Security Disability (SSDI) & Supplemental Security Income

• All Civil Mediation:
Personal injury, premises liability, product defect, dog bite, medical & dental malpractice.

• Immigration:
Visa, Residence and Citizenship

Mediation Experienced & Trained Mediator

• Pro bono Mediation Panel:
Los Angeles Superior Court Mediation Panel (2005 – ADR Closed)

• Pro bono Mediation Panel:
United States Bankruptcy Court Mediation Panel – Present

• Pro bono Mediation:
Beverly Hills Bar Association – Attorney Client Fee Dispute in particular for attorneys whose practice is in Family Law with dispute amount over $10,000.00

• Family Law Mediation:
Spousal Support, Division of Retirement Benefits through employer, Division of real property, business assets and other Community assets.

• Contract Law Mediation:
Operating Agreement disputes, business partners disputes, all Contractual related disputes.

• Employment Law Mediation:
Employment agreement disputes and negotiation, discrimination Against public policy issues, all other workplace disputes.

• Fraud/Misrepresentation:
Real Estate, Contact, Partnership, Investment

• Personal Injury Mediation:
Auto related injuries, premises liability, product defect, Dog bite, medical and dental malpractice.

• Commercial Law Mediation:
Real Estate matters, all construction related disputes (defect or abandonment, contracts with general contractors and sub-contractors).

• Probate Mediation:
Wills & Trust Contest, Disputes regarding asset division among family members.

Clients for Mediation Retained by Insurance Companies, Plaintiff and Defense Counsels

Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP

Law Offices of Elia Castranova

Law Offices of James Noble, Esq.

The Law Offices of Williams, Beck, & Forbs,

The Law Offices of Veatch Carlson,

The Law Offices of Hall & Lim,

The Law Offices of Fred G. Glantz,

McGarry & Laufenberg

Clothing & Fashion Industry

Real Estate Industry

Allstate Insurance Company

State Farm Insurance Company

Farmers Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Geico Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

AAA Insurance Company

USAA Insurance Company

Arbitration Experience

• Real Estate Dispute:
Property purchase agreement dispute

• UM:
Uninsured Motorist Binding Arbitration

• UIM:
Under Insured Motorist Binding Arbitration

• Personal Injury:
Automobile, Premises Liability, Dog Bite, etc.

Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Binding Arbitration for Beverly Hills Bar Association in particular for attorneys who practice Family Law and Family Law Section – disputes over $10,000.00 Commercial law, Contract law, Real-estate, and Construction defect and disputes.

Negotiation Experience

• ORA Media, LLC

Lease negotiation with ORA’s prior C.E.O. and current C.E.O.

Glendale, California

• New Media Broadcasting Company Inc., (NMBC)
Mr. William Scott Page, former saxophone player for Pink Floyd

• Fox Entertainment Inc.

• Obayashi Construction Company
one of the largest construction companies in the world,

• Fashion industry

Property Management Experience

Commercial and residential negotiation representing Lessor since 1989

Personal Experience

Travel with family to Europe; Formula One Race (F1) interest,
Travel with family to Monterey Pebble Beach, Concourse d’Elecance
Real Estate Development & Construction Extensive Experience in U.S. and outside U.S.;
Sale, lease, sublease extensive experience in U.S. and outside U.S.;
Single Engine Aircraft, special cars and Formula One race interest with family;
Study human behavior;
Writer; short stories.

Other Skills

Fluent in Armenian, Farsi and some French
Confident, competent, creative in seeking solutions and helpful

Fees for Mediation & Arbitration

$1,600 half day (4) hours

$3,000 full day  (8) hours

$400 per hour

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